World Slimmest Laptop Ever

DELL launched its new world slimmest laptop named Adamo. Dell Adamo is the one of the best laptop among all slim laptops like Macbook family.. I personally like this laptop due to its stylish body cover and alot of differ ports the best thing of this laptop is its fully upgradable.Initially it comes with 2Gigs of ram and Intel Core 2 Processor.

* Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo U9300
* Display :  13.4-inch screen with resolution of 1366×768
* Memory : 2GB DDR3
* Graphics : Intel X4500 graphic card
* Hard Disk : 128GB SATA, 5400 rpm
* Optical drive : 8x DVD/RW Double Layer Super Multi Drive
* Battery : upto 5+ hours
* Other features : 2 USB ports+USB/eSATA combo port, and connects to DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and DVI with optional cables.
* Approx. price : $2,699

Some people say its too costly but i think okay :)

Windows 7 makeUp

Thirst of searching cool win Themes never end!

Microsoft has launched a Personalize section in the Windows 7 Beta website where you can get more theme packs, wallpapers and gadgets, all for free!

Back Again !

Hope you guys are enjoying your life like me :)

Title of the post shows all meanings no need to give any explainaion...

Now I'm free Today onwards my Tech routine will be

  1. Sharping C skills
  2. Blogging @
  3. Social bookmarking on all popular site 
  4. SEO of Laptops-reviews
  5. Thats it...

How to Become a successful Blogger!

I am not a Pro blogger i start this blog just 3 month later. I want to tell you about how to become a sucessful Blogger! One of my friend is running a blog with daily 10k Uniuqe hits he give me some tips about Sucessful Blogging which are as follow

1) Don't steal 100% Content
2) Use simple language
3) Don't write whole story just give central idea
4) Post daily (Give only 15-30 min for Blogging in 24 hours)
5) Participate in Social Bookmarking website (Don't do spamming)
6) Use Feedburner 
7) Participate in Forums
8) Do Link exchange if needed (Only with same Blogs like Tech...etc)
9) Don't use any Black Hat SEO Tricks
10) Write something about Upcoming stuff like any Upcoming Mobiles etc...

These are 10 tips for perfect Blogging. I believe if you use all these tips you will be the winner:)

Google Chrome Style theme for Firefox

Hey Guys Now mozilla is offering "Google Chrome" Style theme for its firefox. I am using Chrome but who are using Firefox this is the best theme for firefox!